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Trending wedding trends you need to know

Setting a theme for the wedding will help your wedding look just like you imagined it would be, and it keeps it all cohesive. From magical themes to movie-inspired ones, from those referencing famous novels to something that reflects your beliefs… the themes to choose from are myriad. Here are some that will be seen frequently this wedding season.


Pop art

“Millennial couples are showing interest in a different set of values. They are embracing a change in everything, from the bold and new colour combinations to incorporating the artsy but kitschy look to celebrating their big day,” informs Bhavnesh Sawhney of FB Celebrations, an event management company, “The trend is heading away from the classic traditional ways and towards a more pumped up, fun and sometimes even a daring direction. Taking inspiration from Kasuma to Andy Warhol, they seem to love the intrepid approach.”


How to translate it for your wedding: Use pops of bright colours throughout the décor, stationery and even your trousseau. “Translate everyday items and mundane cultural objects with imagery from popular culture to a bolder and bright coloured décor, invitations and attire. There’s no rigidity in fluidity! From colour-block tables featuring digital prints and floral table settings to incredible abstract art installations, moments are being crafted for guests to experience every aspect of the pop art culture!” says Sawhney.


Antique art

“This is the year of bridging the gap between classic and modern. From sequence to intricate wedding cakes, this year we see a lot of sparkle and shine,” Sawhney says. “A unique trend this season is the use of antique props as décor elements,” points out Priti Sidhwani of DreamzKrraft Weddings. Sawhney elaborates, “Flower walls are one of the latest and greatest details to hit the wedding scene, making a big statement. This theme not only pulls off the romanticism of the past but creates a sensitivity that evokes wistfulness and allows incorporation of different styles with a huge array of retro ideas. Laces and pearls are used heavily with this theme. Colour palates that go along this theme are bronze, forest green and black, rust, copper and aqua, wine mauve and blush. These unexpected pairings are not only chic and in trend but also exude a retro-vintage vibe.”


The trend translates easily into all the elements of the wedding, trousseau included. The ensembles can have fabrics like vintage lace that ties into the theme and the colour scheme can be a mix of pastels and earthy shades. Sidhwani shares, “Beautiful wooden accents such as cane and wooden furniture can be used, blended with rustic props like doors and florals like daisies and baby’s breath. You can tie in the theme with the F&B and serve cocktails in old pickle jars or mason jars and mini burgers with a beer in shot glasses. Some other props that can also be used are bird cages, beaten metal vases, chandeliers, old photographs of the couples and Victorian frames with mirrors.”


Fusion fun

Another trend Sidhwani says is to infuse aspects of different cultures to showcase the perfect harmony of traditions is a trend that is catching on, “It gives a refreshing twist to Indian wedding setups. For a Mehendi function one can opt for a traditional yellow marigold theme with a confluence of Greek blue pottery; while for a glamorous Sangeet, we have drawn influences from Persian culture and inculcated them as part of the décor and food menu as well. A blend of two starkly different coloured themes works as well; an offbeat Psychedelic Cirque after-party theme can look stunning as you blend in multicoloured florals with black & white décor.”


“For example, for a kitschy-themed Mehendi, a twist can be added by using traditional elements like marigolds and combining it with Greek pottery. The blue, white and yellow theme looks stunning, infusing traditional culture with a modern twist. Taking inferences from the different cultures, the menu can represent traditional dishes of both and excellent food spread can be laid out. Thematic trousseaus with vibrant hues mixed with cool colours, including traditional elements and florals look resplendent,” notes Sidhwani.

Go green
Sustainability is getting recognised for its importance slowly and steadily, and this has been recognised in the wedding industry too. “With the zero waste movement going main-stream, more new-gen couples are becoming aware that “the best day of their life” could also potentially be the most wasteful,” Sawhney shares, “Eco-consciousness and sustainability are becoming the new trend, not using paper or flex and donating leftover food from the weddings to NGO’s and street children or even preparing the food on charcoal has become the norm these days.”


This is translated well into all the wedding aspects. “Gifts make up a big part of any occasion. Beej balls or biodegradable seed packets are a hit with couples who opt for this theme, they prefer recyclable/ reusable material for all their packing stationery and food is preferred to be served on banana leaves,” Sawhney points out, “One of the biggest ways to save on energy is to get married outdoors where the sun or candles provide natural lighting. There are tons of beautiful botanical gardens, hilltops that offer modern conveniences like sink/toilets so you’re not compromising on hygiene either! Couples who have weddings with endless guest lists are opting for e-invites.” The ensembles being bought/made for the event are being made in a way that they can be reused later also and don’t remain a one-wear item. The décor used is mainly based on fabrics that can be reused multiple times, and of flowers and leaves that are biodegradable.


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