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Just Got Married? Here’s How You Can Decorate Your New Home

Bought a new home to move into after your wedding? With all the wedding prep, you may be confused about where to being, in terms of the decor. Whether you’re going for an entire home makeover or merely upgrading particular items, you will need assistance to make your house look like it’s straight out of a magazine (or at least make it look Insta-worthy for that first house party you are hosting)!

Here are a few killer home decor ideas that will make anyone visiting your place instantly fall in love with it.


White sofas: Furniture trends come and go, but this one will undoubtedly last forever! White or light coloured sofas for your living room not only look aesthetically appealing but also create an illusion of volume. They will make your room look visually expanded!  Along with this, the feeling of luxury that the colour provides is something that you wouldn’t trade for anything else, despite facing a load of trouble while having to maintain and clean it.


Creative bookshelves: These fit into the wall bookshelves are a real space saver! They not only look appealing and attractive but also give you a lot of space to fit in your books. And who says you have to limit these shelves to books? You can always use them for other items like decor pieces, cutlery or even convert it into a mini bar when need be.


Velvet armchair: The feeling of a tactile cosy sofa covered in plush velvet fabrics is seductive! You just have to have one! Any colour you pick looks undoubtedly ravishing in velvet. If looked after well, velvets in quality fabrics extend up to years and do not crush or fade. It’s incredibly durable. Not only that, but the polyester velvets are stain-resistant, and marks of food and mud brush off with ease.


Marble kitchen countertops: The makeover that a white marble countertop gives your kitchen just cannot be substituted with anything else. Even though it looks stunningly expensive, it costs less than other materials, so it’s a win either way! It is also extremely durable and can take the heat from your stove. It has an elegant display and makes your kitchen look more spacious.


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